"Evil Eye" ink, white gouache on paper (10.5"x14.5") $500

"Masseuse" gouache on paper (10"x14") $2000

"Skeletal Lord Makes A Point" ink, white gouache on paper (6.5"x4.5") $200

"Mars Attacks! Number 22" gouache on paper (5"x7.5") $1000

"Old Godz" ink, white gouache on bristol (3.25"x 9.25") $100

“Even The Devil” oil on panel (18”x24”) $3000

"Mars Attacks! Number 15" gouache on paper (5"x7.5") $1000

"Reptilian Earbuds" pencil on toned paper (4.75"x6.75") $100

"Apples" gouache on paper (8 x10") $300

"Bottom's Up" ink on paper (6.5"x9") $50

"Mars Attacks! Number 21" gouache on paper (7.5"x5") $1000

"Robo Fem" gouache on paper (6.5"x4.5") $150

"Deathwalker" gouache on paper (3.25"x9.25") $400

"Mask And Steam" pencil on paper (8.5"x11.5") $150

"Stay Fit" gouache on paper (13"x11.5") $300

"Play It Or Smoke It" ink, white gouache on paper (7.5"x10") $700

"Center Of Attention" oil on panel (18"x24") $3400

"Mars Attacks! Number 27" gouache on paper (7.5"x5") $1000

"Do You Dream In Black And White Or Color?" ink, gouache on paper (17"x23.5") $2200

"Next" ink, white gouache on paper (3"x9") $100

"Always More" gouache on paper (7.5"x10") $1000

"La Bruja" oil on panel (8"x10") $1200

"Vengeful Ghost" ink, white gouache on bristol (11"x15") $500

"Lost An Earring" gouache on bristol (5.5"x6.5") $200

"Mars Attacks! Number 5" gouache on paper (5"x7.5") $1000

"Full" gouache on paper (7.5"x9") $700

"Board Meeting" ink, white gouache on paper (7”x10”) $500

“Outside Starts Here” gouache on paper (7.5”x10”) $1000

"The Event Horizoning" oil on panel (18"x24") $2500

"Sort Of Balance" ink, white gouache on paper (11"x15") $150

"Look At Death" gouache on paper (10.5"x15") $2000


"The Playboy" acrylic on board (9"x12") $1500

"Lenore" graphite and gouache on paper (8"x10") $450

"Clockwork Angel" acrylic on board (36"x30") $5600

"Doom Bunny" acrylic on wood (6"x8") $500

"Remnant" graphite on paper (8.5"x11") $250

"Tree Nymph" acrylic on board (9"x12") $1500

"The Lab" ink on paper (11"x17") $300

"Blueface" acrylic on wood (3") $150

"Redface" acrylic on wood (3") $150

"The Lord Of The Manor" graphite, gouache on paper (8"x10") $450

"Daddy’s Home" acrylic on board (7"x10") $500

“The Search” acrylic on board (12"x24") $2800

"The Ingenue" acrylic on board (8"x10") $550

"Burning Concrete" acrylic on skateboard $500

"The Tourist 01" graphite on toned paper (8"x10") $100

"Old Man Crow" acrylic on board (14"x11") $500

"Tranquility" ink on paper (11"x17") $400

"Sabriels Kiss" acrylic on board (11"x14") $1800

"The Devils Six Gun" ink on paper (11"x17") $300

"King Of Pain" acrylic on wood (4"x7") $350

"The Red Lady" acrylic on wood (7"x4") $400

"Monsterwood" graphite on paper (8"x10") $200

"Mr Mysterio" acrylic on board (12"x24") $2800

"The Mystic" acrylic on board (8"x10") $550

"Medusa’s Secret"acrylic on wood (5"x7") $400

"Gamma World" ink on paper (11"x17") $300

"The Smoker" acrylic on board (5"x7") $450

"The Coquette" graphite and gouache on paper (8"x10") $450

"Don’t Look Now" acrylic on wood (4"x7") $350

"The Professor" pencil wash on paper (8"x10") $450

"The Visitor" acrylic on wood (2"x3") $150


"Fred Harper & Steve Ellis: PERSONA MONSTERS"

May 26- June 17, 2018

MF Gallery: 213 Bond St. Brooklyn, NY

Opening Party: Saturday May 26th, 7-10pm

Monsters are a reflection of ourselves. Not the “out in the open” face, but the hidden face below the surface, the one that comes out at night or in the dark, hidden times. Sometimes the monsters are scary, other times they are simply a side of ourselves we don’t wish others to see. Monsters can be an obsession, addiction, a remnant of an old personality from an earlier point in our lives, or raw emotional selves that walk in places we don’t want to explore. “Persona Monsters” is all about those selves... Artists Fred Harper and Steve Ellis will lead you on the journey into that hidden world.

Steve Ellis has been a fantasy illustrator and comics artist for the last 25 years. He has illustrated for clients like Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Wizards of the Coast, he co-created the hit award- winning graphic novel series Only Living Boy and High Moon. He recently began showing paintings at galleries internationally and has shown in multiple groups shows. Monsters have always been a part of Steve’s work often as a metaphor for the sides of ourselves we don’t want to show to the outside world. Steve and co-conspirator Fred Harper have created monsters together in coffeehouses across the nation and Steve is excited to share them in the show “Persona Monsters” at MF Gallery.

Fred Harper is a NYC based artist. His clients include Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Hermes, National Geographic§ and Ozzfest. His art has been used commercially and hung in galleries from New York City to Paris, to Istanbul. His art has explored many themes and subjects but there have always been monsters. “Persona Monsters” will reveal the variety of monsters that have presented themselves throughout a career of making images along with his good friend Steve Ellis who has a demon or three up his new tattoo sleeve.

Both artists will be present at the “Persona Monsters” Opening Party, on Saturday May 26th, from 7 to 10 pm. Refreshments will be served. Admission is free and open to all ages.

MF Gallery is located at 213 Bond Street, between Baltic and Butler Streets in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. Take the F or G to Bergen St., the A or C to Hoyt/ Schermerhorn.



"Vampire Witch" gouache on bristol (10"x15") $500

"Do You Really Want To Go There" ink, white gouache on paper (7.5"x10") $600

"Just Say No" ink, white gouache on bristol (3.25"x9.25") $100

"Unnecessary Roughness" ink, white gouache on bristol (6.5"x4.5") $150


"Look Into My Eye" pencil on tan paper (4.5"x6.5") $40

"Top Of The Head" pencil on paper (10"x14") $300

"The Incident" ink, white gouache on bristol (3.25"x9.25") $100

"Sex Machine" ink, white gouache on paper (9”x15") $300

"Crevice" gouache on paper (8"x10.5”) $1200